Services List

12-Step Daily Meeting
AA, Back to Basics Mtg
AA, Big Book Study
AA, Outside
Bible Study
GED Education
GED Testing
Group Counseling (Large)
Group Counseling (Support)
Group Counseling (Primary Caseload)
Group Counseling (RCSO Meeting)
Expeditor Group
Family Counseling (Individual)
Family Orientation
HIV/AIDS/STI Counseling
HIV/AIDS/STI Education
Individual Counseling
Meditation Training
Moral Reconation Training
Off Campus Activity

Office Visit (Group)
Office Visit (Individual)
Orientation to the Center
Pretreatment, Intro to Cognitive & Change Theory
PTSD Counseling (Individual)
Recreational Activity
Relapse Prevention Education
Religious Services
Seeking Safety Group
Study Hall
Support Form Review
The Work (Byron Katie)
Thinking for a Change
Tobacco Prevention Education
Treatment Planning
Video, Treatment Related
Morning Walk
Weight Lifting
Women's Group