DWI/Drug Court

The Williamson County DWI\Drug Court was established in November 2006.  The DWI\Drug Court was created with the assistance of grant funding from the Office of the Governor-Criminal Justice Division.  The program is designed to target interventions with subsequent DWI\Drug offenders to help break the substance abuse cycle before committing a felony offense.  

DWI/Drug Court is a post-adjudication twelve month or longer program that integrates local criminal justice resources, case management, and substance abuse treatment to primarily serve repeat misdemeanor DWI and habitual drug offenders in lieu of incarceration.  Offenders already under supervision that violate the terms of their supervision may be eligible for admission into the program.  The DWI/Drug Court Team consists of an assigned judge, prosecutor from the County Attorney’s Office, a defense attorney, representatives of the community supervision and corrections department, and treatment providers. The team works together for the common goal of helping participants recover from substance dependency. As a result, many of the participating agencies must rethink their traditional roles and redefine their definitions of a successful case outcome. It is through this team effort that maximum benefits will accrue for substance dependent participants. 

The Williamson County CSCD provides Probation Officer supervision of participants throughout the course of the program. Supervision includes weekly, biweekly and monthly office visits.  Randomized drug and alcohol testing, interlock report monitoring as well as home visitation and curfew monitoring. The Probation Officer coordinates and refers participants to program services throughout the term of the program.  The DWI/Drug Court focuses on: (1) compliance with court-ordered conditions of community supervision, (2) the verified maintenance of abstinence/sobriety, (3) participation in and completion of intensive outpatient treatment, (4) the development and maintenance of daily living skills and behaviors which promote lifelong abstinence/sobriety and productive service as a member of the community, and (5) regularly scheduled court hearings to apprise the judge of individual participant's progress, compliance, or non-compliance while participating in the program, with appropriate rewards or sanctions used in response to demonstrated behaviors.  Participants receive intensive counseling services throughout the course of the program.  This includes free Outpatient Substance Abuse Treatment as well as individual counseling sessions with a substance abuse counselor. Participants receive reduced rates for the Ignition Interlock when required to be installed in their vehicle. Participants are assigned a defense attorney throughout the course of the program that represent their legal interest as well as assist in obtaining an Occupation driver license, if needed. 

Honesty and compliance among participants is rewarded. Court responses are reduced for honest admissions of violations, while they are increased for dishonesty. 

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The DWI Court team received the “Spotlight on Success Award for Outstanding DWI Court Team” at the 2018 Texas Center for the Judiciary Conference for Texas DWI Courts.